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Matching Results: Clone Engine and Performance Parts

Clone “SUPER” HP Header

Clone “SUPER” HP Header$49.95

Flow bench and dyno tested. We can use any header we want but this is the one we ship with our race engines!  Same header used by other top engine builders but at a much lower price!  Also available with the thick flange!  (Thick Flange add $23.00) Comes with brace and hose clamps

Clone Candy Cane Header

Clone Candy Cane Header$28.95

Great pipe if you want more top-end

Clone Performance Standard Ring Set

Clone Performance Standard Ring Set$10.00

These Rings provide a good seal on top for compression, and on bottom to keep the engine from smoking and being an oil pump! They do have less drag which means more Horsepower!  $10.00 Also available with a .005 Top Ring $12.95

Clone Stock

Clone Stock$105.00

Right out of the box ready to be built. Price is without flywheel or camshaft, but is priced at right with stock flywheel, or stock cam

Clone Weenie Pipe

Clone Weenie Pipe$18.65

AKRA Legal  End fitting has been cut so muffler butts into pipe and creates a smooth flow transition

Low Profile Top Plate

Low Profile Top Plate$18.95

Much easier to use and hook up than the original style  Availble in Silver (shown) or Black

PVL Fly Wheel

PVL Fly Wheel$60.00

Roller Rockers

Roller Rockers$195.00

1.3 Billet Roller Rocker Arms